Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ever Wanted to Pick Up FREE graphics?

Good afternoon ... and it's still Sunday!

The sun is now shining in Columbus! My husband got out and shoveled our driveway and sidewalk. Even though it is a short driveway, shoveling 1 foot + snow is quite a lot. He came in every so often to rest.

The wild cats that I feed are basking on that warm driveway after 2 days of frozen, blizzardy weather.

Today, I started a new FREE website where my graphics can be picked . So if you ever wanted to pick up FREE graphics ... just click on the picture.

While graphics are created by me, they are free to use in any manner you wish, commercially or hobby-wise. You may not claim them as your own, but you can put them in any creation and that creation belongs to you. offers free websites. It has taken a little getting used to; but what the heck! It's free!

Enjoy today! See you soon!

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