Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pre-Spring Tribute

Good morning,

With all the snow outside this morning, which is more than a foot, you might wonder whether spring will ever arrive!

While it's not officially here until March 20th, I did this pre-spring tribute to get you through the next 11 days.

These pre-spring flowers are kaleis. And speaking of kalei'd flowers, there is a website I found this morning that is kinda cool.

If you want to try your hand at making some pretty flowers, or just look at some that others made, try:

This month is full of surprises. Besides the first day of spring, Easter Sunday is 3/23, and St. Patrick's Day is on 3/17.

The snow in Columbus lays like a thick quilt on the bed of our yards and driveways. Today will be a day of digging out, so we can get to work tomorrow. This whole next week, the temps are supposed to rise, and tease us with spring temperatures.

Have a really great day! See you soon!

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