Saturday, March 8, 2008

Need a To DO Note?

Good morning!

This is Saturday, March 8, 2008, and Columbus is having its biggest snow fall all year, and for many, many years.

I'm sure many of you in the surrounding area are experiencing pretty much the same thing.

Today's creation is a TO DO Note! Like it? Grab it free!

I can't believe this snow.

My company shut down 1 hour earlier yesterday. I was glad to get out of there. The trip home was slippery and slow.

My husband arrived shortly after I got home, and we quickly headed to the grocery store closest to us to stock up. Everybody was thinking the same thing, as they predicted additional snowfall for Saturday. And looking out my window, they were right. We are supposed to get 8 to 12 inches; maybe 15. It is beautiful, and it looks like we have 1 foot already!

So today is a good day to "hole up" in our warm house. We bought plenty of kerosene to help heat the house, and it is so nice inside.

This morning, I made a little pot of coffee (4-cup size), and put a sugar-free chocolate mint in the bottom before brewing. Ummmm, good!

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Enjoy the TO DO note. See you soon!


The Barber Bunch said...

Just surfin' thru Blogger and stopped by for a visit.

Very nice Blog!

Isn't this snow crazy?!?!?


Homespun Graphics said...

Thank you, Carolyn, for stopping by and commenting on my blog! It is my passion as is creating graphics.

Again -- thanks! Stop by often, and check out my free website where graphics are saved so that they can be used by others.