Monday, March 31, 2008

Kids Do Grow Up!

Good morning!

It is the last day of March, 2008. The 31st! Oh my! Three months down so far! This is going to be a quick year.

This little Cosmic Blob/PSP mom feels like she has NO TIME. Encouragement: Kids do grow up! And very quickly.

It had been a month since Taylor came to stay overnight, but she did this Saturday. She arrived early on Saturday, and we took her roller skating. The last time we took her, she hated it. But having gone on Friday night, and having a marvelous time, she was excited to go again. As my husband loves roller skating himself, it was the perfect decision for Saturday afternoon.

Taylor did wonderful skating. At first, she was a little slow to start, but just having been the night before, she picked it up faster and faster. Halfway through our afternoon, she was skating. Not fast, but upright and with a little more speed. It was amazing.

Kids do grow up ... and she is well on her way.

The rest of the weekend was quiet.

Danny and Jillian came back, after church this week, to get her. They stayed for lunch and spent the afternoon. We talked about their wedding plans, his job, his goal-setting, Jillian's business that she's been trying to build, and many other things. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

And so now it's Monday, and back to the weekly grind. Ah well. Time has to pass just so kids do grow up!

Have a great Monday ... and I'll see you in April!

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