Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good morning!

This morning, I went "hog-wild" with kaleis!

Ever wondered what you can do with kaleis? Well this first example was made with kaleis from the packs in this Saturday edition of HomeSpun Graphics as well as the next post.

Here just some basic kaleis that I started. One is a nice border that could be used for stationary or a card.

The others are individual kaleis.

The nice thing about kaleis is that you can place one on top of another to get some pretty terrific looking flowers.

Only a lack of imagination or experimenting can keep you from finding a combination you really like.

When I look at a kalei, I see fun!!! You will find a third post today featuring this idea.

And now ... onto my second post!


Isn't this pretty?


See you in a minute!

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