Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

Good morning, all!

And a very good morning it is.

I have lots for today. Three creations! One was for yesterday, actually.

This first one was originally for today -- some time later in the day, after I knew that my daughter knew she was getting engaged.

Danny had called me on Monday night, and asked for my blessing. He said he would propose Easter Sunday.

Hence ... this creation.

But. Saturday evening came. Jillian and Taylor had spent a few hours with me yesterday afternoon, and then went to Danny's. I guess he was too excited to wait till Sunday. Actually, he just felt with the 3 of them being together alone, it was the best time. He was right!

Shortly after he proposed, my daughter texted each family member. Both she and her daughter received rings. They are beautiful.

I called her right away. She told me all about it.

Taylor is delighted, but had questions. "What if you get a divorce? What if you 'call-off' the wedding?"

Both Danny and Jillian had previous marriages. Jillian was engaged to someone last year, and she and her fiance decided to cancel their wedding.

Divorce and cancellations loom large in a young child's eyes. She wants to be a family with her mom and Danny! She adores him, and the feeling is likewise! Thank you, God!

Both assured her that they'd taken great care in choosing each other, taking couple classes together, and talking to their pastor about their plans. They said they were both committed to each other, and her, and making it all work. It was just what she wanted/needed to hear. That is one happy little girl now.

And so are our families. We knew Danny and Jillian were planning to marry -- eventually. We knew it was a good match. They are devoted to each other, and Taylor.

This has been a very happy Easter for me! So this morning, I did this little creation -- to wish you all a very Happy Easter!

The worm and carrot were created in Cosmic Blobs. The flowers are kalei'd, of course. I love the colors!

My car is home now, too! The cost was less than I imagined it would be, but still a hefty sum of money! But, it's working well now. Not only were the repairs done that needed to be done, but I had a lot of recalls on my model, and all that work as well as the labor on them, were free to me. Honda EAST! You ROCK! Thank you. (They also give a free car wash with every service call! You, my little red Honda ... you look marvelous!)

I did a lot of sculpey's this weekend. I made a little frame for myself, a curved frame with flowers and lady bugs and little blocks that spelled TAY for Taylor. It went in her Easter basket, and she thought it was so pretty. I made two robot mini sculpey's. They are adorable!

I made a heart for Danny and Jillian. The left side is blue, and the right is pink. The blue swirls into the pink and the pink into the blue at the bottom point with a rhinestone set in it's center. Blue for guys, pink for gals -- representing two hearts becoming 1. I put a magnet on the back, and it's all set for their refrigerator. My daughter liked it.

I made another little magnet for my fridge. Just something pretty.

This morning, I made a little frog. Turned out okay, but not my favorite.

Hoping you all have a marvelous Easter Sunday. I did!

See you soon!

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