Thursday, March 20, 2008

St Paddy's Day 2008

Good morning!

Oh my! St. Paddy's Day came on Monday, and went already.

I had done these little creations to post, and then forgot to post them. Oh well. Here they are for future years.

At work, someone was nice enough to put a shamrock on my desk, so I wouldn't get "pinched" for not wearing any green. I had never heard that tradition before, but gladly put it on ... just in case!

We had a celebration for the day, featuring green. It was St. Paddy's Day "Create a Salad". People brought in salad greens, and anything that would go in a salad. Green onions, green peppers, yellow-green banana peppers, and also other colorful foods that go in salads. Many brought dressings. It was truly a wonderful celebration, and I enjoyed it more than most we have, as I love salad!

I hope you enjoyed your St Paddy's Day!

See you shortly!

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