Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Troll Named Bethesda!

Good morning!

It is Thursday morning, and I've taken today off, as well as tomorrow, to have a four-day weekend.

I started this little troll yesterday, and finished her up this morning. Unusual, but cute! I named her Bethesda, as I like naming my creations.

Her face, hands, and feet were made in Cosmic Blobs. Her dress and accessories were kaleis. Bethesda is now a tube, so she can be used in other creations.

This was a very fun project, and I'm delighted with how she turned out!

I am taking a few days off due to my car. Also, it will just feel good to relax a few days.

Last week, my little Honda started making a grinding or popping noise, whenever I turn left or right. I heard it mostly when turning left and around the passenger-side front wheel. Very disconcerting.

I dropped it off at my Honda dealer last night, and today it will be worked on. I hate to see the cost of this operation, but I need that little car. Since I would be car-less today, I thought it would be a spectacular time to fit in a little "r & r", and so, here I am.

Hope you all have a great Thursday: only one more day to go till the weekend for you!

See you soon!

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