Friday, October 8, 2010

FREE Halloween PNG downloads starting today

Good morning!

It's Friday, and the free Halloween png downloads are just starting -- today.

The first picture shows a few pumpkins and a frame that's available today.

You can find them on my website for 10/8/10.

By the way, Happy Birthday -- to my oldest son! Gee ... you'll be 40 in no time at all. How's it feeling???

I have the honor of taking my son to lunch today at Max and Erma's. Even though he lives in the same city, I don't see him all that often, so being HIS big day ... and me taking a day off; it was a perfect time for mom and son to get together to celebrate.

He's a wonderful son, as is my son in Boston. My only girl, my daughter, is around a lot more. I so enjoy seeing her and my granddaughters. Hi, girls! (Saw you three yesterday!!!)

These three stacked pumpkins come this way -- as well as separately. And the the really orange pumpkin is separate. They are in a zip png file; and are free to use personally or for commercial use ... with credits.

And this little item is just something I was doing for fun this morning. They'll be offered eventually ... in between Halloween items -- or after the Halloween season. I haven't decided yet.

In this picture, I've worked in my signature name twice ... and this is always fun.

Hoping you have a wonderful day.

Our weather is absolutely perfect, and is supposed to be warm, sunny, and gorgeous this weekend. I am enjoying the cooler weather, though.

Several weeks ago, our traffic camera caught a tornado around Broad Street and 270. I was driving home from work at the time, and at 270 and 70, noticed all the debris swirling upward into the sky. The sirens were going off, and it was very windy. I kept looking for something, but didn't see a thing. It wasn't until several days later that I even knew the cameras had caught the action. Exciting!

Till another day, enjoy the free png download at:

Be safe!


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