Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free PNG Halloween graphics -- Halloween Buddies and A Lot More

Good morning,

Halloween is over in a lot of neighborhoods. So sad! But we still have a short time for a few more graphics over at my website.

Today, these Halloween buddies are featured on the blog, and you can pick them up in tomorrow's pack together: 10/31.

On the website, the 2 buddies are featured independently ... and not together--in today's kit.

There's so many graphics for Halloween this month. Check them out. The month of October comes down on Nov.1st.

Free PNGS ... so open them in your graphics program. I work on one computer when I'm doing my graphics, and then I go to my laptop and download just the pngs into my program there.

One working computer has my old system, while my laptop has my new system: 2007. Darn if they don't work differently; and it can be very frustrating.

I've found that trying to download the Word Magazine file just isn't working properly in my new system, so if you want the magazines, you may have to send me an email.

Shopping for the holidays is just around the corner, and Woman's World tipped me off to a store trick. Mirrors!!! Did you know that just catching a sight of yourself in the mirrors can encourage you to spend more? I didn't.

I always look for a mirror when I'm trying on shoes. I want to see how they look on my feet before I buy them. If they don't look great, I don't buy them.

This may be accurate for many shoppers, but I am not your typical shopper. I go in for what I need, and that's usually all I buy. And ... if I don't like it ... I don't buy it. I always sleep on it, most of the time. If it keeps coming back to me, I'll go out and try again. But money is just too easy to spend, so I do take my time making a decision.

The only place that this doesn't work is usually at a craft store. So, I don't go to just "look around" as I'm sure to see something I want. I try to pick up the "on sale items" only. And not pick up too many.

So, if you're getting ready to shop, ask yourself if you think mirrors encourage you to spend more. At least you're bound to think about it the next time you see one.

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