Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween: One Magical Night ... of Transformation-free png downloads

Good afternoon,

It is Friday, and my favorite day. Took off a little early from work due to some "exercises" taking place.

Halloween is such a special night of transformation. This picture today is in honor of this one "magical" night of transformation.

We have so many movies honoring transformation. Super heros! And this is something kids can buy into. I think even adults do, as they don their costumes for their Halloween parties. I used to go ... and I loved it!

This picture could be added to a scrapping project featuring your kids on this night -- this magical night, as they transform.

I know my 10-year old granddaughter is going as a "soccer player" this year. My younger granddaughter, almost 5 months old, is going as a lady bug. I saw the costume on Tuesday after work, and she is going to be just adorable. They both will, of course.

On my website, the free png download kits continue. Hurry on over to pick up the ones you like. Something new every day.

Until my next post ... enjoy this weekend. The weather is still nice, but it's getting colder every day. Won't be long till we're complaining about all the cold, ice, and snow!


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