Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party-- Free Png Kit

Good early morning!!!

Another wonderful weekend day ... and I thought you might be planning a Halloween party this year.

An invitation always comes in handy for such events, so the items I've created today, could be for just such a party.

They are pngs, so you can put them together in any fashion you wish ... and you can pick them over over at my website.

The first picture could be a finished creation. The second picture is the base I created for this first picture.

These ghostly friends come in several colors and genders. In the finished creation, the blue ghost is hot-tubbing. A merry time for all.

Pick these particular items up on Mon. 10/25.

The Halloween season is quickly coming to an end. So sad ... it's so festive.

I was reading that while Christmas is America's FAVORITE time of year, Halloween ranks as our MOST FUN holiday! I do agree with that.

It's whimsical ... a time of fantasy.

Christmas is wonderful, but there's so much pressure. Buying gifts, and getting them out on time can really be a hallowing experience!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "home"? I read that it's following family traditions ... especially holiday traditions because these events make the biggest impression on us when we're kids.

By the way. If you're carving your pumpkin ... don't forget to roast the seeds. This was a tradition we had in our home.

Once removed, wash and dry seeds. I left mine a little wet so I could sprinkle salt on them. I'd put them on aluminum foil and roast in the oven until crisp. Take out, and let them cool. While many pry the shells open, I just ate the whole seed. Yummy!

Hurry on over to my website to pick up the free pngs -- right now; they are all free Halloween pngs. Soon, the month of October will end ... and when it does, all those free pngs go bye-bye. You can see past offerings in the downloadable magazine which shows what has been offered in the past.

Have a really great Sunday. And don't forget to enjoy some of the candy this Halloween. Dark and even milk chocolate is benefical to your health ... as is coconut and nuts! Keep is in small doses ... and have a great Halloween!

Party anyone?


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