Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Png Kit Downloads--Pick Them Up Today

Good morning!

The days of October are quickly passing. Halloween is just around the corner.

My pumpkin ghost is the featured free png kit today. It has 22 items.

The flowers at the bottom and the border along the left side in this picture are NOT in the kit, but there are lots of other items.

I've done a few pumpkins ... and a few ghosts over this Halloween, and they've been great fun.

The free pngs kits are finished through Sat. 10/30, so this weekend, I will finish up the last one, and get next week's png kits ready.

Recently, my electricity went out for just a few seconds, but enough time to cause my computer to shut down. It is so frustrating when this happens. When it restarts, the printer/scanner unit has to be unplugged, and replugged to get it to work.

I find myself down under my desk. It's dark, and I can't see which cord to pull. I recently read a great tip to save a plastic tag from bread (not the ties), and label it with pr/sc to find the cord I need. Actually, I wouldn't even need to label it, as just having the tag on it would be enough since I don't have to unplug others. Thanks, Woman's Word! Great idea!

Hoping you have a great day.

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