Sunday, October 10, 2010

Free Halloween PNG kit downloads for the next 5 days

Good morning,

What a wonderful weekend we are having.

Halloween -- YES! And this picture features all the free png kit download items over the next 5 days -- starting tomorrow: Mon. 10/11/10.

All the kits are "ready to go" as of this morning, so I can start my next free png graphics downloads.

The background for starting this creation is 800 x 750, so it is quite large. That means the backgrounds and the house are large. Many graphics come alone, and then just their shadow, and a third offered of graphic with shadow. You choose which one to use at the time of your creation. (The sizes of the graphics within the background represent their size in the downloads.)

The scarecrow and the pumpkin are tubes (pictures of items I've owned and prepared as tubes). Being in png format, you can download items directly into your graphics program, and they will have no backgrounds. That makes them so much easier to use.

I watched my granddaughter play soccer yesterday. Unfortunately, they lost 3 to 1, but they sure tried. It's the first year for many of the girls, so they are doing very well.

This was the second week my granddaughter played goalie in the first half. She stops many attempts to score, but one did get past her. Last week, she scored a goal in the second half of the game, and they won 1 to 0. She was so excited!

I had my lunch with my birthday son on Friday at Max and Erma's. I only ate half my lunch, and asked for a box to take the rest home for dinner. Believe it or not! ... I walked out ... without my box! Darn. But we had a great time talking together.

After the game yesterday, we all went to Max and Erma's again ... my son-in-laws parents were in town, so we had a wonderful visit. My 4-month old granddaughter slept till the end of our lunch, and then woke up and visited with all of us. All my girls are such a delightful bunch. (I remembered to take my leftovers home this time, as well as grabbed a lunch for my hubby at home to go).

Hurry on over to my website to pick up the latest free png kit downloads and add them to your stash!

Lucky me ... I am off for the next couple of days ... so I'll have lots of time to work on more free png graphics. Scrap them in cards. Scrap them in booklets. Scrap them in your scrapbooking pictures. Or -- place individual items in your emails. So many things you can do with them.

Have a great Sunday!


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