Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Halloween PNG kit downloads: Continuing for Monday

Good morning,

The picture this morning shows the items in each kit that are posted over the next 5 days. Free png kit downloads for you to use personally or commercially (with credits) for scrapbooking, card making, in emails, or any of your other projects.

Put together a Halloween card for your friends; that sounds like fun!

The ghost down by the kitty cats comes as a full ghost (ghost and hand) and also as a ghost without the hand and the hand offered separately, too. That way ou can use him holding something ... like he is in the picture from yesterday. He had his hand wrapped around the chimney of the house.

The pumpkin from day one (kit 1a), and the scarecrow from kit 1b are tubes. I own/ed those items and took a picture of them and tubed them. I still have the scarecrow, but the pumpkin was from a previous year.

The house has very little extras on it, so you can add items to it, if you wish. The fence is for fun.

There are three backgrounds for this picture, but you can always make your own, too!

Download the free png kits to your graphics program for transparent backgrounds! So easy.

Hope you have a great Columbus Day! I am off work today and tomorrow, so I'll be busily creating for this next weekend and next week. My downloads are ready to post each day for this week, so it only takes me a minute to get them up, and then get the pages ready for tomorrow.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and I hope you'll download and use the new free png kits in your creations!


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