Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Png Graphics Download Kit -- A Birthday Card

Good morning!

It's been almost a week since I published, but there are free png graphic download kits still up over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics -- for each day of this month. The free kit offered today is Part 2 of this birthday card. Part 1 was is on 11/29 with 6 items; for a total of 17 items in this kit.

Today is the last day for the November 2010 kits, so hurry and get them today.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My husband and I did. We went to HomeStyle Buffet again this year. My granddaughter was at her dad's for several days, my daughter, her husband, and 6-month old Emma, were at her husband's family. My son in Ohio was recovering from surgery, and his love was visiting her folks in Cleveland. My son and his wife are in MA, and only come home every other year.

I did get to see my daughter, and 10-year old granddaughter Sunday, when they picked up her hamster, Bella. I was babysitting. My hamster is Betzy. Two cages, side-by-side on the long black table by the staircase. A little more noisy during the night, but double the fun.

Everything is back to normal now.

My two co-workers will be back this morning! Yeah! Tay is back at school, and life resumes normally!

I woke up to rain this morning. Ugh! I know we need rain, and I'm thankful we get it. I just wish it wasn't ... so ... so ... wet!

My husband was at home yesterday, starting his week of scheduled vacation. Unfortunately, he got a call from his supervisor wanting to know why he hadn't showed up at work. He said, "I'm on vacation." His supervisor stated that he wasn't aware of any vacation, so he had to go into work for 1/2 a day.

Now my husband puts in for his vacation at the beginning of every year. His supervisor questioned the amount of hours he had left, and my husband told him. Vacation time available is one everyone pay stub. He felt sure that he didn't have that much time left, but it would be easy enough to check.

His supervisor stated that he could take off today and tomorrow, but has to show up on Thursday, when his immediate supervisor (who is on vacation), will return, and they will discuss it. My husband takes very few days of vacation, and almost NO sick time.

I am always annoyed -- for my husband -- when his company plays these antics. He's looking to retire ... in about 8 years, when I hopefully retire.

I hate it when a company tells you to put your vacation in early ... if you want certain days. My husband always does this, and they reject it sometimes, saying, "You aren't giving other people a chance to take that time of year!" Hey! Why didn't they turn it in early as requested???? And why does the company let others jump in later to say, "I want that time off? He has it every year!" Why have a policy??? Frustrating!

I'm glad my company is fairer about time off. I've never worked for a company that is like this.

Just my own personal rant. My husband works very hard, and he takes off so seldom.

Hope you all are doing great in your neck of the world.

Take care ... stay safe ... be happy! And remember to put a little Christmas spirit in your shopping and activities this year. Be nice to others. We see so little of it the last couple of years!

And remember to pick up any graphics from November that you want ... TODAY!

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