Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's Free PNG Graphics Download--Whimseys-Sea Mouse and more

Good morning,

Friday's free png kit download (free art kit graphics) are up! The picture shows the kit. The blue creature is a Whimsey (number 7).

Whimsey's are created from scribble drawings, and if you've followed any of my blog, you know I love to do scribbles. There's so many things I can find in scribbles.

On my website, I have The Drawing Board. It shows my original scribble and how I outlined it from the scribble. This one is found on today's post: for Friday, 11/12/10. Scribbles are always fantasy-type drawings for the most part.

In this kit, there is a "sea-mouse and rider". You can see it hiding from it's unexpected guest whose come to visit. The sea mouse is in the bottom right-hand corner of the kit.

The sea-mouse was put together from some kaleis, and then I added ears as it looked like a mouse to me.

There is a psp graphic item in the kit with all the layers.

Update on Betzy, my robo dwarf hamster. I finally took her out of her cage last night. It took my husband and me about 20 minutes to catch her. She runs very quickly, and hides in her side bubble, in her wheel, and in her igloo. I lifted the igloo out, and she ran to her wheel. I finally just put the clear ball hole against her wheel hole, and she ran into it.

I popped on the top and put her on the floor. She ran right away, but once she got some distance between us, she stopped. And just sat. I'd go over and pick up the ball, and hold it up toward my face and talk to her. She's try to run again, and this is pretty much how her 20 minutes of being out of the cage went. I think she was happy to be back in her cage.

I gave her a slice of apple last night. She had one on Tuesday, too. She picked it up and began eating it immediately. She definitely likes apples. She stuffed that and some seeds into her pouchy cheek, mostly in her right cheek, so she looks a little lop-sided in the face.

Taylor sent me a video of her holding her hamster, Bella. It's adorable. In the video, she thanked me for buying her her pet. She said she loves Bella, and just loves having a pet. Mom seems to be softening, also. She thinks Bella has beautiful coloring, and loves the distinct, thin brown line down her back. She bought Bella a new wheel, as she doesn't use the fancy, large top wheel at the top -- except to put litter in it. Perhaps she sees this as a place to nest, instead of exercise. But she loves her new wheel.

Yesterday around 4, I developed a stomach ache, and I still have it this morning. Weird! Ick! Hope I'm not coming down with the flu. Miserable way to spend the weekend.

Go over to Easy As Pie Daily Graphics and pick up the kits for this month of November. They are up all month, and taken down in December. Great for little additions to your scrapbooking or card making projects. And; they're free!

Have a great day! Stay safe.


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