Thursday, November 11, 2010

YOU-nique free png/psp downloads; today and everyday--Hamster Update and pictures

Good morning,

Happy Veteran's Day ... to all you veterans, and that includes my sweet husband, Ray!

I think today's kit is You-nique! Unique! I read about You-nique in Boogie Jack's Almost a Newsletter.

He was talking about not copying others, but just being you ... hence; you-nique! That stuck with me, so I put it in this kit!

This is a you-nique little doll. I spent most of the morning working on her and her decorations. She is the new, free, png kit download on my website for today: Thurs., 11/11/10!

A psp layer item is included.

Here's the doll done a little bigger. In the png kit download (free) ... you get each item alone or in the psp layered item, one item with all the layers.

The doll is in the kit in 2 sizes. One is large, and the other is small.

The base for the kit is 500 x 600.

Her hair is made from a kalei'd flower. Those are so much fun, and can be used for a multitude of creations.

I really enjoy making these little kits, although sometimes I get a little behind. I try to get future kits done for the week on the weekends, but sometimes; alas, I still get stuck. I am currently up-to-date, and if you find there is not a kit up for the day, just check back the following day. Two kits will go, and the missing day is always there.

And here is Betzy again.

She is a wonderful little creature, and I just love her to pieces.

Her life is very limited. I can expect her to live 3 to 4 years, and I hope we become close friends.

My granddaughter has Bella; a fancy Russian Dwarf hamster. In the beginning, I thought she was Chinese, but nope! She's Russian. The name is so appropriate for her!

Taylor is having a ball with Bella. Even her mom had to finally admit that Bella is adorable. She loves her coloring, and the stripe down her back. And she's so little. She said, "It's hard to imagine that your Betzy is even tinier!!!"

All and all, hamsters make great pets. Not a lot of care. Just fresh water everyday, and keep their food dish filled. Clean their cage once a week, and make sure they get exercise. Betzy loves her wheel, and when she's up; that's where she's at.

Bella doesn't use her fancy top wheel, and Jillian is considering buying her a side wheel like Betzy's. It takes so much work to climb way up to Bella's wheel; the side wheel would be better. Instead, Bella uses her exercise ball -- alot. I have yet to put Betzy in hers.

Bella started off her relationship with Taylor by biting her (and me). That has calmed way down. We read on the internet that to discourage the biting, gently blow in their face and say no. I guess they don't like you blowing in their face. Now Bella runs up and down Taylor's arm as she carries her around. She loves having a hamster!

Pets are great for children and even older people. They teach responsibility, and the hours of pleasure from them can really lift your spirits. It's great for your health.

We always wash our hands before handling them, and again after we've put them safely back in their homes.

Hope you'll download my free pngs ... one for each day of the month. One a day ... everyday!

If you off, as I am--have a great day. If you're working today, I hope it goes well and fast for you.

Stay safe!


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