Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Png Graphics Download Kit-today through Monday: Betzy: my Robo Dwarf Hamster

Good morning,

This lovely little, divine creature is Betzy, my new Robo Dwarf Hamster. I bought her on Saturday at PetSmart. She's about 2" long, and just adorable.

She has a terrific, colorful cage with an exercise wheel, and upper level for playing, and a top bunker that detaches so she can be taken on the go.

I named her Betzy, and that's because it's best for them to get used to being addressed; so they will know their name.

Sorry the pictures are not a little clearer, but I hope to get some better ones as she gets used to me.

The store advised letting her get used to her new habitat and surroundings before trying to handle her, so I'm following their advice.

Once I brought her home, and got her cage set up with litter, food, and water, I put her inside. She found the wheel right away and immediately began running. I could just see her little mind thinking, "I'm gotta get out of this place!"

Ha! She ran all the rest of yesterday, and almost all night. I could hear the wheel turning even in my bedroom. She was still up at 2 a.m. when I awoke.

I took to calling her Betzy in a soft voice. Ever time I went past her, I stopped and talked softly to her, clicking here and there. A couple of times, she even came out of her wheel and to the front of the cage to look at me. Hmmm. I got her attention.

A little later, I gave her a small slice of carrot, but she pretty much ignored it. As she did with the small bit of lettuce I gave her yesterday.

I bought another hamster for my 10-year old granddaughter -- after she talked with her mom about getting it. We both have fancy cages, our own litter, food, treats, rolling balls, and little igloos for them to sleep in.

Taylor's hamster is a Chinese Dwarf. She's very pretty with a thin brown stripe all the way down her back. She bites. My granddaughter is NOT as patient in giving her hamster some space. She named her hamster: Bella.

Bella is rowdy. She comes quickly to the front of the cage and stands up and pokes her nose through the bars, wiggling her nose. But ah! Don't be too quick to try to stroke her ... or she'll nip you! She bit Taylor 2 or 3 times yesterday, and bit me once. Ouch! Didn't draw any blood, but she's feisty!

So now I am featuring a little corner about Betzy every day on my website. Check out our progress.

Onto today. The free png graphics download today are some new creations called "whimseys".

What are "whimseys"? Basically, they are my scribble drawings, worked up into final graphics. I do more scribbles than you'd care to believe. In a few moments of inactivity or waiting on something, I'll grab any scrap of paper and start scribbling away. I can often pick out 2 to 5 items on each page. I outlines those heavier, and then fill them in a little.

From 11-6 through the 11-8, I am featuring my first 3 whimpseys.

The little whimsey here is No. 3. There's an animation with her in it on my website for 11/6.

Whimsey 1 and 2 are also in the animation.

My granddaughter will be going home soon. Her parents went to church, and they'll be stopping by on the way home to get her. I'm sure they will stay awhile.

I haven't gotten all my website ready for all this coming week; just through Monday ... so I will need to be doing some serious work when I get up each morning.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It is quickly coming to a close.

Stay safe!


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