Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Frame - Free PNG Kit Download-Free Art Graphics

Good morning,

The Friday morning, 11/5/10, free png kit download is up and ready for you to download.

There is a 16-layer psp item.

Great for a picture frame or scrapbooking project. Go check it out.

I wanted to share a strange happening on my way home Wednesday night. It completely slipped my mind.

It might have been Tuesday.

As I turned the corner into the main area to get into my housing complex, traffic came to a halt. I thought maybe there was a school bus letting kids off. Then we began to move slowly.

It turned out to be a "gappers block" ... everyone looking. Of course, while I continued to move slowly to keep from hitting the car in front of me, I also did a double-take. On my side of the road were 2 cars parked and people milling around. Just a short distance away was a man, laying on the side of the road, on his back, and I assume ... unconscious.

It was totally weird, as no one was standing around him. I don't know what happened, and couldn't find anything about it in the news.

Surely, he was hit as he walked along the road.

I don't know if he survived, since I found nothing about it.

I hope he was alright.

This would be a dreadful thing to happen to any walker ... or driver. We always have to be so mindful, at all times.

I visited with my daughter and granddaughters yesterday. It was a wonderful visit.

My new granddaughter seemed delighted to see me, and spent a lot of time squealing and bouncing. Toward the end of the visit, she was rubbing her eyes a lot, and was a little fussy. Her mom said, "Oh ... she is so sleepy, but she fights it! She just hates to miss what's going on!" Her mom called me when I got home and said, "Mom. As soon as you left, Emma crashed, and she's still out!"

We tried to feed her some pureed apples. She wasn't into it. We tried mixing it with cereal, and that was a real NO GO! She arched her back, backing away from it, and cried. We listened and stopped. Poor little gal!

My older granddaughter was on her computer, as she is most of the time when I go over now. Not so unusual since most of us spend a lot of time on the computer.

I'm stopping by again today and staying till my older granddaughter is ready to be picked up from a class she's taking. I invited her to come spend the weekend. She's always asking if she can go home with me; I thought it would be nice to actually INVITE HER. It's hard living in a house with a new baby, when you've been the only baby for 10 years.

I need to take her to her guitar lesson tomorrow. It's an hour long, and I will wait for her, and bring her home with me again. Her mom and dad will pick her on Sunday ... after church.

Hope you have your weekend planned ... and that's it's full of fun!

Be safe!


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