Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free PNG Kit Download-Free Art Graphics for November 4, 2010

Good morning!

My offering today is this frame kit. It's a rather simple kit, but looks beautiful when finished. There is a psp item with all the layers in that one item.

There is also a yellow-edged flower not shown in the picture, and the frame comes in 2 sizes.

Put a picture in the frame, and the years of the person in the picture in the small green/yellow edged flower.

It's so simple and fast.

We are on the down side of the week now. Two more working days, and then another too-quick weekend!

The frame in this flower would also make a cute FOR YOU signature tag in a gift. In a flower gift, you could put your message in the middle of the frame or even a picture. Print two out, picture on 1 and message on another. Get a straw to use as a stick, and glue together both frames--around the straw, so each side is showing out. Insert into a potted dried or fresh flower arrangement. So cute!

Hope you have a great Thursday! Hope it goes fast!


PS -- Remember to appreciate those around you that you love. A co-worker left her husband yesterday to come to work, and 45 minutes later, received a phone call that her husband had just died. What a shock! My heart goes out to you, Linda. You are in my prayers!

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