Monday, November 15, 2010

Whimsey 8 and 9-Free PNG graphics-for Saturday and Sunday

Good morning,

I had a busy weekend this week. My daughter is celebrating her second wedding anniversary today! Congrats, Jillian and Dan!

They went out on Saturday night, so my oldest granddaughter came to visit with me Saturday and Sunday. I always enjoy her weekend visits! Hi, sweetie!! Jillian's dad kept my younger granddaughter.

Whimsey 8 is featured on Saturday, and Whimsey 9 on Sunday. Whimsey's are just little whimsical scribble drawings. If you pick them up at my website, you can also see their beginnings in the drawing board for each.

I have all my kits ready through Thursday now. Got that done this weekend, too.

I do enough creating in the early morning hours after getting the majority of my kits done that I can come up with new kits out of those creations.

I read a 2-page article in my Woman's World that I wanted to remember. I try to eat "healthy" most of the time, but everyone splurges occasionally. How to undo the harmful effects of those times?

Page 12 and 13 of 11/8/10's WW:
For fried fast foods, cut the saturated fat that can cause heart disease by drinking one cup of oj with your meals. I guess you'd choose "fresh" because it says not to use "not-from-concentrate). And a handful of walnuts with your meal helps, too. And go for a walk.

And for those toxins in the liver from alcohol; try broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower for cleaning it out. Oily fish: tuna, salmon, mackerel; and there's also flaxseed and sunflowers for rebuilding healthy new liver cells. Excellent!

For bloat from salty foods (potato chips, popcorn and pretzels), herbal tea with hibicus is terrific. Two teas to try: Celestial Seasonings' Raspberry Zinger or Bigelow's Perfect Peach. Yum! I also always wondered if sea salt was better than regular table salt. The answer: "Yes!" Less sodium.

I will cover the last 3 in my next post, but I'd recommend reading a copy of that article. I love Woman's World for all the health tips, the fictional and reality stories, the jokes and cartoons, and Instant Creativity Sections. So much in this weekly magazine! (I am not an affiliate or anything ... just a huge fan!) I need my weekly fix!

Have a terrific day! Back to post in a minute.

And don't forget to go grab the free png kit downloads for lots of free art graphics.


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