Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010-New Free PNGS Download Kits; Looking At the Last Days of 2010

Good morning!

Hello November 2010! It's the first day of the month, and it's the start of all the November free png kit downloads!

October was a fun month! I really enjoyed doing all my Halloween pngs.

Today's free png download kit has 9 items, and it's called Deep Autumn. I went with deep, dark reds in this kit.

Hope you had a great weekend.

It's Monday ... and back to work for most of us, including me!

This month includes turning back our clock on Sunday, November 7th. I always remember which way we're going by: Spring Forward, Fall Back.

This Tuesday, November 2nd -- hey; that's tomorrow, is Election Day. A lot of companies are now giving 2-hours paid time to go vote, but most require you to submit a request. My husband's company, and my company offer it. How about yours?

Thursday, November 11th, is Veteran's Day. Government worker's get the day off, and I will probably take Friday, the 12th, off. Hmmmm! Nice long weekend, and I'm only at my desk and travelling for 4 days this week. That's great! (I do like my job.)

Thanksgiving falls on the 25th ... a Thursday, and I've already had the 26th approved for a liberal leave day. That will be a long weekend, and I will need it.

Our group at work only has 3 regional techs. I am one. The other two will be off for a full week, so I will be doing all the work for the USA during that time. That's a lot of work. (Hey, you two ... enjoy your time off!) One will be back on the 29th, and the other on the 30th ... so you'll still have time to help me get caught up! Ha! Ha!

Looking into December, we have Hanukah starting on the 2nd, and Christmas on the 25th (a Saturday). Most people will probably have the 24th off to celebrate the Christmas holiday. And the same goes for New Years on the 1st of January, 2011!!! Another Saturday.

Kwanzaa is on the 26th.

This is the busiest time of the year for most of us. Christmas shopping, getting everything mailed out, cooking, baking, decorating! Oh my!!! I know I will simply my life this year. I'm focusing on just the "children". I have my two granddaughters in OH, my niece and nephew in MO., and my husband's two grandchildren in TX. That's it for me.

I will have a full 2 weeks off during December. Last year was my first time ever taking off 2 weeks, and it is so beneficial. The week before Christmas, and the week after. One to finish up last minute items, the other to just rest. It makes the workload a little harder when you go back, but not very ... as a lot of people are off during the holidays and if you stay, you have a hard time getting your workload. Stay and sit around ... or take off with everybody else.

I went back to shopping at Kroger this weekend. I left Walmart. I'm just too frustrated with all Walmart's new condensing and re-locations/decorations! Since the death of the man who started it all ... I think Walmart has gone downhill. I've been unhappy for months; maybe all this year. More and more of what I want -- variety -- is NOT on hand, and I have to stop somewhere else to get it. I marveled over all the selection that Kroger had!

When I checked out, I forgot to scan my card at the start. At the end of ringing up, I gave the clerk my card. At first, it was $107.00. It went down to $106. My husband said, "Yeah. BIG savings, there."

The clerk replied, "It's not done yet."

My final bill: $98 and some odd cents. I call that spectacular.

I did stop at the Walmart across from where I live to buy ... water. I like the Sam's flavored waters, so that's what I picked up. But ... if they keep raising the price on it; I'll switch to making my own tea or do Crystal Light ... with my own water.

Somethings got to give. Prices are too high, our politicians gotta go (start with all new ones just to say how displeased we are; and if they don't do the job -- give them boot with all new ones again, and change some of these laws that give them so much when they leave). Things have changed so much ... and quit raising taxes! We got too many taxes already!

And with the coming of November and December, we could start seeing snow (and hopefully NO ICE). Now's the time to check the tread on your tires with a penny. Slip one upside down in the tread and if you see the top of Lincoln's head ... it's time to spend a little more money!

Okay. Enough for today.

Don't forget to check out the new free png download kit for today ... and every day!


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