Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving Thanks - In All Things-Free Art Kit Downloads

Whimsey 9 again in a new creation, but this kit has some additional borders and flowers. Think of all the ways you can use these graphics! And ... they're free!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and a great time for making cards and projects.

I've also been seeing pre-Black Friday sale announcements. Not many, but my husband recently remarked on this, too. He thinks that it's because there will be more job losses and people will be hanging onto their money, so they're trying to get their profits in as quickly as possible. Maybe. I don't really know.

The last 3 tips from the article I posted yesterday, but I still recommend getting a copy of it at your local library or sending for it are:

Since nitrates can lead to kidney and bladder cancer, and you still want your hot dogs, and almost all have some; even those labeled "nitrate-free", eat yellow mustard on it! My son-in-law eats mustard on his chicken, and I wonder if this helps gout.

Cheesy pizza is helped, fat-wise, with eating a hot pepper/s. Poppa John's pizza always gives you a couple of peppers around the pizza and that's something I love. Maybe he's knows something we don't. Now, we do. If you're not a pepper-lover, try some green tea after eating your pizza. Hey! Both do-able for me. (Cinnamon is great, too!)

I really wish I'd tried that after eating some tacos several months ago. I had a gall-bladder attack that was long and difficult, and I debated on whether to actually go to the hospital over it! Ouch!

And ice cream, which is probably my most favorite treat (other than popcorn) to indulge in, can cause the blood sugar imbalance of high; then crash! Done that! I also like cake, pasta and mashed potatoes which are all culprits. Almonds to slow that sugar spike! And regular or decaf coffee are helpful, too!

I love my coffee in the morning, but do keep nuts around. I eat nuts daily! I just bought a big bag of salt-free almonds this weekend.

The tips are just a quick overview of the article, but again--it's an excellent article.

Speaking of excellence; I hope you have an excellent Monday and week!

Remember to pop over and pick up the free art graphics. You just download the zip file and store them in a folder on your computer.

Happy creating!


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