Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010--and free art graphics, pdfs, and png download kits

Good morning!

So much to post this morning, so here goes.

Christmas Eve Day ... it was OUR day to be with our in-town grandchildren. Here's my husband, Papaw Ray, with our 7-month old granddaughter. Isn't she adorable? (I have one of him that I love with our 10-year old granddaughter, but ran out of blogger space, so will do another post after this one.

We had a marvelous Christmas. My granddaughter received everything she asked for on her Christmas list from us. She wanted a Fushigi Ball (being kept here for the two of us to learn doing it together), as it is NOT for children UNDER 12. She's okay with that.

She received her DS game, Crafting Mama DS, a very nice easel with a storage space drawer, some large canvases, and medium-sized canvases, and several sketch books. That was the end of her list. I also got her a computer carrier on wheels with a pull-out handle, a small box of candy, and several sets of pencils and ink drawing pens (gels and metallic). She was set. I also bought her two computer games; the "find the hidden objects" games.

Emma got little socks, little socks that look like shoes, about 10 outfits, some Similac and baby food, too. She's so little, we are being more practical for now. I was amazed that she sat on her mama's lap, and helped tear the presents open. She squealed and giggled with excitement. I was so surprised!!

This is the kit being offered today over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. It's a beautiful set, don't you think? I loved making it. Run over and pick it up!

Yesterday, I had some flowers up. There is a pdf download, so you can cut them out. There is also the traditional png kit download. All free. Lots of pictures of what I've done with them, as well as other pictures (some of my hamster, Betzy), and Taylor with Bella.

I also had some sculpey necklaces up that I've been working on.

It's just been such a wonderful vacation. I am on my second week, and enjoying every minute of it.

This little guy is offered on 12/25, I think. It's just one of the items for that day, and is a puppy for the kids to color. Hope they have fun with that.

And finally ... this is my Merry Christmas to all of you out in Internet land, wherever your piece of land resides. Wherever it is ... it is HOME! And I hope you and yours ... had a wonderful, peaceful, restful, fun-filled Christmas!

Go check out the graphics!!!

See ya.


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