Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girl - Angel - Christmas graphics-all free-@ Easy As Pie Daily Graphics

Good morning!

And THANK YOU, Wall Lights! For leaving a comment the other day. While the blog does take a little time, the website takes even more. I love making my graphics, and I do hope others take them and use them. So thank you so much!

Today's items are over at my website, Easy As Pie Daily Graphics dot com. Head on over and pick them up.

My husband has bought us a new living room set. You can read all about it over at my website, too.

Some days, there's news about my hamster, Betzy, too.

Today, this little girl or angel, are both available. The decorative background is one layer, but it is transparent, so you can choose the color to set it on. There is a green one, and a gold one.

Christmas is such a short time away now. I hope you are all set to go.

I hope to have my 10-year old granddaughter for a visit one day and night this week. She and her family will come over for our celebration on Christmas Eve!! I'm so excited.

My husband special-ordered one of her gifts that we just couldn't find. The store called yesterday, and told him it was ready to pick up. He went and got it ... so she should be very excited this year.

I still have shopping to do for my 7-month old granddaughter. And my husband! I am off all this week, so will get that done early. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and that will give me lots of extra time for my graphics.

I had a luncheon celebration on Thursday with my school-aged granddaughter. It was very nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it and my day.

Our annual district Christmas party was Friday, and that, too, was very enjoyable. I made 3 sculpey items: minature Christmas tree decorations, for our white elephant gift game. Twenty-six people decided to play; including me. This is my most favorite tradition of our party for many (and me!).

There are 26 presents and 26 players. The presents all sit together, and we each draw a number. I was #24. The #1 player was a guy, and he was seated at our table, two seats down from me. He chose my little wrapped gift box. He didn't know what they were, till I told him, but he thought they were cute.

My co-worker and friend sitting across from me had a number that came up. As per the rules allow, you may pick a unknown, wrapped gift, or "steal one" from a gift already opened. She has a minature tree at work on her desk, and I'd made a teddy bear ornament for it, so, of course, she stole the 3 new ornaments. She was delighted!

Unfortunately, and to MY SURPRISE, it was stolen away almost at the end by my supervisor's supervisor: a man! (Sorry, Tiff!)

All and all -- it was great fun! And I stole a lady's bear frame with 2 matching bear sculptures. Like I said ... it was great fun!

Now all this week -- there have continued to be many new graphics going up each day on my website, so don't let another minute pass without heading over and grabbing them. Just tuck them aways in a folder. Folder: EAPDG > (folder) 2010 > (folder) December > (folder) the date of the kit. That was easy!

Have a really terrific week ... and go get those graphics!

Happy shopping!


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