Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wish List 2--free png graphic kit downloads

Good Sunday morning!

My first picture just represents the number of days left to work this year! Oh my! Only 4 days!!!

Hey! I do love my job, and I am so thankful to have it. It's interesting ... and harrowing, at the same time. I will NOT go into the details though.

This picture shows 4 of the items in Wish List 2 (Wish List 1 is on 12/11.) There are about 8 backgrounds, 2 papers, and some miscellaneous items that didn't make it into yesterday's kit.

This is one of the backgrounds in today's kit; 12/12/10, Wish List 2.

The kit has a psp layered set for those that have a graphics program. They are in psp format.

Then there are the individual pngs also. There are a few jpgs in every kit as well. Most of the things in png format and psp format are transparencies. They are all free to use p-cu (personal-commercial use ... with credits). They are perfect for scrapbooking.

Most pngs/graphics are no bigger than 500 x 600, and that is usually the base I use to start my graphics. Some graphics are just plain small. Take your own imagination, and put them together to accent your projects. It's fun ... and easy.

Best downloaded into a file folder by name of the kit and date. One big kit folder could be: EAPDG-Dec 2010. Since there is a kit each day, you would have tons of graphics in no time at all.

I do a lot of fantasy characters. And Whimsey's, which are whimsical creatures developed from "scribble" drawings. That is why I sometimes say it's "accidental art". It's what my imagination sees and developes into completetion.

I finished my out-of-town shopping yesterday. I hope to get them out tomorrow; Monday.

I am looking forward to my 2 week vacation! Lots of time to rest ... and create.

Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!


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