Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Wish List-Free PNG graphics kit downloads

Good Saturday morning -- to all you Christmas shoppers out there!!!

The holiday season is moving right along. And ... today, I have a new free png graphics kit download over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics. See the picture for the details.

This is part one of the kit. There is currently a part 2 kit in this Kit: Wish List. I don't know whether there will be more yet, as I'm still creating. Part 2 will be up tomorrow.

Today, I hope to get my out-of-town gifts ready to go! I only have 2 to go really. My grandkids in TX, and my niece and nephew in MO.

The younger kids in TX are getting something suitable to hug since they are still very young. My MO kids are getting something I dearly love, and gives me hours upon hours of fun! I hope they like them. My granddaughter in town is also getting the hours upon hours of fun stuff!!!

My new granddaughter is only 6 months old, and will be closer to 7 months old at Christmas. Her mommy prepared her "Wish List" for her. I am hoping I can find a few of those items, and maybe a cute outfit.

I am forgoing adults this year. I will send a Christmas card to them. Christmas is really for children mostly anyway!

I am cooking a 15-lb. turkey this morning. It was a $23 turkey, and I only paid $15 for it. I bought it last weekend, and it spent the week thawing in my basement fridge.

My husband had his birthday yesterday. He received -- from me -- a new coffee maker that is programmable, turns off after 2 hours, and tells you how much water you have in it. He doesn't make his coffee in it, as he prefers instant, so he just runs the water through it. But his old one didn't turn off automatically.

He got some great black socks with good arch support -- as he travels from company to company doing his job. He walks A LOT! He got some underwear (shhhh!), and the one thing he requested: gloves (more like the kind I have). I found some gloves, but unfortunately, they are too small. He told me a medium ... but these medium are really small. I bought them anyway, and today, we'll exchange them. They are not exactly like mine, but I loved them. They are black genuine leather and very comfy and warm -- once he can get his hands in them, of course.

Both my husband and I are looking forward to Christmas. I have the whole week before Christmas off -- and the week after. My husband will be home with me the week after Christmas, so it will be a very pleasant holiday.

My granddaughters, daughter and son-in-law, will come over Christmas Eve, and we'll have our Christmas for them then. They will have Christmas at home, and then my 10-year old granddaughter will join her father's family for that Christmas week in their home, in TN.

Hoping you all have a successful shopping season, and that you catch all the sales!

Now go pick up the free png graphics kit download! Have fun!



Wall Lights said...

Wow i love you blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks

EAPDG-Accidental Art said...

Wall Lights! Thank you so much for your kind words.

I do work hard in posting the graphics to my website, and the blog has followed a lot of the years of my art, even before the website went up.

I'm glad you like the colors, and the art. Please feel free to use them ... and tell others about them.

Thank you ... so much! And have a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year ... if you're in a part of the world that celebrates it!