Monday, December 27, 2010

Sculpey-Earrings-Necklace--And Free Art

Good morning -- again!

I put the images up in one order, but when you hit the upload button, they always show up in reverse. I need to remember that.

Today, here are some of my sculpey items: a pair of earrings, and a necklace! They turned out well.

And now for my favorite pictures during this holiday season. I took so many, but am just choosing a few to post the excitement of HER holiday season at my home. As I said, she received everything on her 5-item list, and more.

Taylor is very much into art ... as am I. This is a feature we share that she finds great joy in; being like her mamaw! I love it, too! She got a set of colored pencils, some gel pens, and some metallic ink pens. (Someday, maybe Santa will bring me some of those same items.)

I just love this picture of Tay and her papaw Ray. Believe it or not, Tay was holding the camera. The two were in the kitchen, and papaw came up behind her and peeked over her shoulder. I have a very large one of this, and I'm going to get some large photo paper, and fill the background with black and print it out. I then hope to frame it and hang it in our home.

I love this smile! "This," she proclaimed with glee, "is my FAVORITE BOW!" She liked it because it was trimmed in white. I liked it best, too. All her packages had different kinds of red bows on them. Emma's packages had gold.

And here she is again, opening another gift. She had a very good Christmas, and a really great time. The next morning, she texted me, and said, "I love you and miss you. I wish I was at your house!"

Probably got into trouble at home. Oh, the joys of childhood.

I love having her here, too. She is quieter at my house, and more involved in what she's doing. Not as riled up as at home. We have lots of interaction, and we also have lots of individual time. I don't know why she is so "over-active" other places. And while her mom says she has trouble lighting a bee under her bonnet, I have no such problems. When she stayed last week for a day and a night, she had an appointment to go to, and we got there 10 minutes early, and had to wait for her to go in.

My guess is she doesn't want to be left out. I don't think she has to be the center of attention, although she is a LEO. I wish I could do more to make her world a happier place. We have lots of serious discussions, too.

She asked me just the other day if I ever feel lonely. I told her no, not usually. I just don't.

I explained to her that being alone is okay for me. I find so much joy in creating and in my hobbies, that there's just no time to be lonely.

After our discussion, I thought back over our talk. On the way to her appointment, I told her, "When I was your age, I remember feeling lonely. You want friends to like you, and you try hard to keep their friendships, even when they don't turn out. You think that something's wrong with you, and it makes us unhappy. So I guess I was lonely for many years ... in a very quiet way, though."

I then told her that someday, she would reach a time when it didn't matter anymore what others thought of her.

I told her, "It happened to me in my 30's. I just finally accepted who I am, what I like, and that what I feel ... is as important as what others feel.

I like me. I am comfortable with me. And. If others don't like me, that's okay. Because I am okay ... just the way I am." I told her that her mother just came into this stage of "I'm ok!", and she's in her 30's.

Her mother was a lonely little girl; although she always had me. From birth, she went everywhere with me, and was more comfortable with adults than children. I homeschooled her for the last five years of school. We became good friends, even though we were mother and daughter.

When there is tension between us today, as occasionally happens, I remain quiet and let that time pass. It always does.

I hope these remembrances help my granddaughter. We've talked about it before, and I imagine we will talk about it again.

She did play soccer this year, and enjoyed it. She hopes to play again next year.

I think this is good, as piano lessons, guitar lessons, dance lessons, etc. ... are all pretty solitary activities. With soccer, she is part of a team ... and one of many of the other little girls.

She's also in Girl Scouts, and this is good.

Only time heals our worries. And some day, she will come into her own, and she'll realize that SHE is ONE SPECTACULAR little gal.

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Cj -- Have a terrific day!

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