Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Graphics and png kit downloads -- and a tip!

Good morning!

Just a little "for fun" graphic this morning. You'll still find free png graphic kit downloads over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

I have an interesting tip about iceberg lettuce today. Of course, I did read it in my favorite magazine, Woman's World.

Years ago, they used to say that iceberg lettuce was pretty much water, and not as full of nutrients as darker greens. I always wondered about that because I don't think there's anything that God designed that is NOT beneficial in some way.

With lots of Vitamin K, it shuts "down as many as 100% of cancerous cells on contact." Wow! Now that seems pretty MIGHTY to me.

The way I see it in reading, it acts like a policeman, not destroying, but "forces them to behave like normal cells, dividing slowly without creating troublesome tumors!" Double WOW!

And I have read more than once in this wonderful magazine, and in the South Beach Diet book, that it's okay to use a small amount of full-fat salad dressing as it helps the body absorb the Vitamin K! I never eat much dressing anyway, so a small amount is perfect for me!

A 2 oz. serving (140 mcg) amount is perfect of this wonderful lettuce and can also be found in spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, watercress, endive, kale or swiss chard. That's quite a group to choose from.

I love salad, and often have it for breakfast. People think it's strange, but salad is just one of those wonderful things I've always enjoyed. It's nice to know that it's SO BENEFICIAL!

Eat your salad to help stay cancer-free, and pep up your graphics and creativity, with free graphics over at Easy As Pie Daily Graphics!

Have a really great day! And thanks -- Woman's World -- for all the wonderful tidbits you give women every week in your wonderful magazine!!! (Did I mention I love this magazine? --No, I get nothing from them, other than pure enjoyment.)

Have a creative, healthy day!


tip from: Woman's World, 12/13/10 issue: pg 14--YOUR GOOD HEALTH: 5 little lifestyle tweaks that can cut your cancer risk 70%!

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