Monday, December 20, 2010

Free Stationary-Mushroom Magic-- Png Kit Downloads Daily

Good Monday morning!

Stationary or a card front ... whatever your heart desires it to be. Free png graphics download with psp item available and individual items also in just png format.

I love making stationary and cards. They are so expensive in the stores, so being able to create your own are a real plus. I hope YOU take it ... and use it!

Speaking of stationary ... I was reading Woman's Day today, and ran across an interesting website called It is for funding projects. An interesting post on their website led me to, and that was also interesting. The two featured artists are sending out a letter to everyone on the planet. I thought that was a fantastic, and huge under-taking! Have your received yours yet? I have NOT.

Maybe mysterious letters could use some stationary?

It is my FIRST OFFICIAL VACATION DAY, today. A whole 2 weeks! I'm giddy with excitement.

My husband bought me a new carpet steamer on Saturday, so I spent Saturday and Sunday doing our carpets. They look so wonderful with our new living room set.

I have lots of plans for today! So on with today!

Enjoy yours! And use the free gift of my stationary today!



Asian Stationary said...

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EAPDG-Accidental Art said...

I am so sorry it took me so long to see your comment. Thank you for your kind words. Comments are a rarity.

I am very interested in seeing your new blog when you get it up. If I post daily, I find my stats are better. But running a website and blog can really take up the time sometimes.

Again ... thanks! I visited your website. It's very nice. Let me know when you get your blog up and running!