Friday, November 23, 2012

Back with Three Brightly Colored Flower Pngs

Good afternoon,

I am back, as promised, with 3 pngs.  They are all together, but opened in a graphics program, there is no white background.  To separate them, simply do a circular selection around each one separately, cut, and then paste to a new layer.  In this way, you will have three layers in your program with each flower on its own layer.

Aren't these pretty flowers?  So bright and colorful!

I was reading through my AARP newspaper, and learned a delightful tip to help thieves from stealing your pin.

Your birthday, your house number, and silly combinations such as 1234 or 1111 are awful choices.

A much better choice is something that happened on a particular DAY in your life.  A day that will live in YOUR memory, but is not open information to anyone, except maybe close family members.  And yet, it might be a choice, even they would not think of.

I already put my hand over the keyboard when I type in my pin ... so if you don't; consider adding this to your time at the machine.

There's always new things to learn ... and I thought this was a delightful one.

Enjoy your day.


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