Sunday, November 11, 2012

Color Me Flower

Good morning,

There are many coloring pages out there today.  My black and white graphics have always been available for you to color.  Just go to, and download any of the graphics.  It doesn't matter if they're already colored, or in black and white for you to color.

In this simple flower, I've colored mine above.  It was done digitally, but you can do them by hand also.  You can get depth by coloring the inside of an item a lighter color, and using a darker color around the edges.  It's amazing how much depth you can add ... by hand.

 Above is a jpg of the uncolored flower:  Color Me.
And this is a png graphic(above), so if you download it, and open it in a graphics program, you can color it digitally.  It should have no white background in a digital program.

I have tons of new graphics you can color today, so head on over and pick some up.

I will be posting one more item today,  It will be in jpg and png format as well.  See in in the next post.



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