Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After Thanksgiving, and Black Friday: Crocheted items!

Good Black Friday morning to everyone.

I'm sure your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as expected.  I know mine was.

I took a few projects along with me.  The top left hand picture, is a hot pink toddler scarf.  I crocheted it, using an afghan stitch, and then fringed it.  Just above the fringed area are two layered flowers, which are hard to see on the scarf.  The bottom layer is pale pink and the top is hot pink.

You actually can see the flowers in the bottom center picture, as this little toy was made from two pale pink balls (a trial run before doing my spiders for Halloween), and I had tons of the two-layered flowers, so put the two pink balls together, and then the two flowers, and sewed it all together.  She has little red heart-shaped eyes, a little chain crocheted ribbon around her neck.  (Those heart eyes are buttons.)  I had made a fabric flower and sewed a sparkly snowflake button to the inside of the flower.  I sewed this firmly onto her front, and viola!  She's done.

I took it to show my daughter, and my granddaughter so loved it ... I left it with her.

The hot pink scarf was for my 2 1/2 year-old granddaugther, and she really loved it.  Wore it all around the house, tripping on it, because it was long for her.  I tried to knot it for her and she definitely didn't want that.  She shook her head, and firmly said, "No!  No!"

I am making another larger scarf for my oldest granddaughter.  It's it a darker shade of lime green, and I took it along to show her that I am working on it.  I hope to have it done, maybe today.  I will see her tomorrow, and would love to present it to her.  I may put the same pink flowers on hers, as it will go together so nicely.

I was lucky enough to work on it while others cleaned up the kitchen.  They had enough people in there, so I enjoyed listening to others chat while crocheting, and throwing my two cents in here and there.

It was a delicious dinner, and a marvelous 4 hours together.  When I came home; I was tuckered out.  I laid down and fell asleep on the couch, got up around 7:30 pm, and went to bed.  I managed to sleep til 2 am this morning.  That's a terrific sleep ... for me!

And it is Black Friday ... the biggest shopping day of the year ... but you won't find me out there.  I don't ever venture out on such a busy day.  I am not a "shopper" ... and especially when it's crowded.  I don't care how big the sales are.  It is not an even trade-off for me.

I will post another column today to offer a png for you.  My website has not been updated lately, and I need to take some old months off, as it is getting "bogged down" by graphics.  It's time to do a little house cleaning, so if you want any of the older stuff ... go grab it, cause it's coming down!

Have a terrific day!  And I'll see you again, shortly.


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