Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Graphics

Good morning,

Okay ... I was trying to save this to post for Monday morning, but it doesn't seem to want to save.  Sooooo.  I think I'll post it now ... but ... it's for tomorrow morning!

Yes ... I am back as promised ... with my orange dot face.  The little colorful dot is orange dot when he's blushing.  They are "happy" graphics.

Also another digital flower to enjoy; as I'm really into those.

One quick tip today, which I wish I'd known before I went into the hospital, is this:  there are two websites you can check to see the safety of your hospital before entering.  One that rates by letters (A through F --like school used to do) is found at  They measure on 26 safety measures and standards.

The search is free.

Consumer Reports subscribers can search ratings 1-100 based on six safety categories at

One last site: helps with info on more than 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals nationwide.


Have a great day!


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