Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Owl Scrapping Pngs: Free and Social Security's Direct Express Card

Good morning!

To find the pngs for this scrapping project:

It's Tuesday morning, and I am working from home today and tomorrow, but have a short time before I have to start.

I did a scrapping project yesterday, that I am featuring today at my website.  You will find a zip file with 12 pngs inside.  Open it in your graphics editing program to have the object only, no white backgrounds.  Use to design your own scrapping projects.  Fun!

By clicking through on the link above, you will see the picture I posted with me, my husband, and my granddaughter.

I designed all the elements in this zip file.  The little owl is a sculpey creation I did a couple of weeks back.  You'll also see the other owls I created, and two heart faces.  I love to use my sculpeys in my art, and also on cards.  I make ornaments, little stand alone creations, and jewelry.  So much fun.

On another note:  Food for Thought:  Did you know that Social Security is phasing out all paper checks by March 1, 2013?  What do you do?

All benefits must be paid electronically by March 1, 2013.  You can get your payments directly deposited into your checking account OR to a Social Security Direct Express card (if you don't have a checking account).  Your card is good for making purchases, paying bills or getting cash.

Apply for a card by calling Social Security at 800-333-1795 or get details at:

This information was taken from AARP/Ask the Experts:  Diet and Social Security Checks:  November 2012.

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