Monday, November 12, 2012

Scrapping a past Florida Vacation

Good morning,

I am off today ...  celebrating Veteran's Day.  Thank you, all you Veterans out there.  That would include my son, John, and my husband, Ray.  Ray was actually in a ceremony at my granddaughters school on Friday.  I went to it, and it was a wonderful program!  Thank you, for being brave enough to fight for our freedom.

The picture today is of 2 of my 3 kids, longing to go out onto the beach, on a vacation many years ago.  We just arrived in our hotel room, and the beach is just outside the window.  Even though they are faced away, it begged to be scrapped.

I love the vent blowing just below my daughter's skirt, puffing it up Marilyn Monroe style.

We had so much fun on our vacations, which usually included beach time.  Ahhh!  Such memories.

On my website, you can find today's items here:

Jpgs and pngs are available.  The pngs are in a zipped file.

This is how I colored my frame.  I do have a quick frame that you can insert your own picture.

There are also the items uncolored, in black and white, for you to color either digitally or by printing out and coloring by hand.

Have fun!


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