Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Traditions and Salt Water Color Painting: Yeah!

Happy Thanksgiving ... again!

Before I go and get ready for my day, I wanted to share this first graphic for starting new family traditions.  I admit I got the original idea from Woman's World.  They had several listed, and this one was for just taking a stroll, but I added a twist to it.

This is a way to get to talk to more family members, because, while you walk, you are only giving each person five minutes to chat together.  That way, you don't miss anyone on your visit. 

If the group is too large, split them up, and do the same thing for each group separately.

I am an avid new Pinterest lover.  It's so addicting, and I think people like it because its a way of hoarding ... without having it be a real problem.  No fire hazard, no mess around the house.  It's all up there in "internet land", but makes it easy to find whatever it is your looking for.  A type of "file system" that helps you keep your interests organized.

So this picture above is about a website I went to, that I found on Pinterest, about salt water color painting.  I was thrilled.

Check it out for yourself here:

I read the instructions, and proceeded to do MY OWN salt water color painting.  It says, "Thanks" and there is a smiley face underneath.  (My husband couldn't see that.  Can you?")

Of course, the website will tell you that it's best to take a picture of your creation, as once it dries, it has a tendency to loose its crystal. 

Me?    I love to take ANY ART I've created, and pull it into my digital editing graphics program ... and play, play, play.  The flower off to the left of my drawing is my "play".

And for your "snagging" today, I've offered this png flower graphic.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you later.


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