Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving: Some pngs and jpg graphics for you to enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today, I have two pngs, the owl "I am Blessed" graphic, and the outline butterfly and flower png for you to color.  Feel free to download both and use.  And have a terrific Thanksgiving!

I am blessed to spend our meal today with my daughter and her delightful family, and other family members.  I am taking mashed potatoes and gravy to this wonderful gathering.

Here is a jpg for you to also snag and use.  The quote is one you've seen around at a lot of different places.  I drew the butterfly, the little fairie, and designed the paper.  I hope you'll find a use for it, too.

This last little graphic is a png, so when downloaded into a graphics program, there is NO WHITE BACKGROUND.  Feel free to digitially color it. 

And for all the delightful kiddies that are celebrating Thanksgiving with you, just download into a word program, and click on it to get squares to edit it.  Pull a corner to make it bigger, unclick.  Add the child's name to their page, and print it out.  Do one for each child.  (Hope you have some crayons!)  Give it to them to color for extra fun.

Have a marvelous day today, and remember to count all your blessings.  Enjoy sharing your meal and minutes of today with your loved ones.  And take some pictures to scrap.

If you're looking for some new traditions to start or just a fun thing to do ... read my next post.



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