Sunday, June 24, 2007

A "Ducky" Sunday

Good morning!

This creation was made with 3 programs.

The duck was drawn freehand with my Wacom Graphire tablet and pen.

The flower was made in Cosmic Blobs.

It was put together and finished in Psp!

The duck was easier to draw than I thought. First, I drew it on paper. I laid the paper on my Wacom tablet and used my pen to draw the outline. I had to pick up the pen several times, and found it difficult to place it back down exactly where I wanted it, so instead, I produced a new layer each time I picked it up. As I went along, I just moved each layer to line up where I wanted it. I was then able to merge the final outline together to get my duck.

I used psp to color it. I just used a big brush with the color I wanted and pushed it inside the outlines. To me, it's easier than erasing.

After doing this, I've decided the pen is excellent for drawing. I really like it.

The flower was difficult. My Cosmic Blobs doesn't always let me rotate just one piece. Even though I select the rotate tool, place my mouse over the object to rotate and then start, the other pieces act like they're glued together and rotate as well. Very hard to rotate a piece into position with others so you can look at it from all sides to make sure alignment is right before gluing together. It is frustrating.

The only way around it is to design one piece at a time, save it, then duplicate it so I don't destroy the original copy. Of course, once you finish it, I can always delete (smash with the hammer) each of the original pieces and just keep the finished product.

As long as you duplicate your original, you can always pull it back out and hit the undo step to get all the pieces back apart.

While I love Cosmic Blobs, it is NOT always easy to work with. There are not many tutorials on it, but I've found one website that is fantastic. He has lots of video tutorials. It's at:

Have a great Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow.

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