Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me Experiments

Good morning,

And a good morning I hope it is. So far, so good!

Today is my birthday. How old? Ain't saying! But. I am NOT ANCIENT yet. But "well-seasoned".

For my birthday, my husband bought me a Wacom Graphire for my computer. Knowing how much I love experimenting in my art world, he knew just the right thing to get me.

And so, I've been doing just that -- experimenting.

The message on the top was on my computer when I arose this morning. He managed to "sneak up early", and play with it himself. I was tickled to find this.

Now my husband also does some very nice artwork, so don't judge him by the simplicity of what he gave me. Like every new toy, it takes a LOT of experimenting to start to feel at home with your new tools. And this is no exception.

And knowing me, if you do by now by observing my artwork, you know how much I love kaleis.

So I set to work experimenting with his original artwork. I kalei'd still I was blue in the face.

I then took my new pen tool and began colorizing images that I liked that were produced from the kaleis. These two flower variations were two different creations I came up with.

But, I couldn't stop there.

I kept on and on, taking new creations from each varying kalei, building new creations.

It was lots of fun!

And here is the final outcome of two different projects.

Everything here today originated from that artful message my hubby left me, each gradually building on the next creation.

So, thank you, honey! For contributing to my art addiction by selecting such a marvelous new toy for me to play with. It is truly a wonderful addition to my arsernal of weapons!

Have a really great Saturday, everyone!

And I will return tomorrow!

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