Saturday, June 9, 2007

A frame, flowerpot, and colorful design

Saturday, Saturday -- and Good Morning!

Today's offering shows off more kaleis and their uses.

The first shows a picture frame and flowers in a pot. Almost everything in these are kaleis.

A little cutting, pasting or using the selection tool here and there make each area their own.

The frame is its own tube as are the flowers in the pot.

The world of kaleidoscopes is unlimited in their use.

And this picture started with just one kalei which was duplicated, merged, and then duplicated to make smaller.

The center flowers are just one kalei copied and moved two times.

The progression from its top to bottom is 2 flowers, 3 flowers, and then 4 flowers which I found pleasing to the eye. I also liked the brightness of the colors.

My middle son has come home after two years for a quick visit.

Tonight, my husband and I are having dinner with he and his fiancee while they're in town. They are staying with his oldest brother as they were always very close. His dad and his wife will be there, as well as his sister, and then one of their best friends and his gal are also joining us. It will be a wonderful evening.

Today promises to be a beautiful, sunny day in Columbus, Ohio.

I hope your Saturday is beautiful, wherever it might find you.

See you tomorrow!

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