Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday's Sleep Half Moon

Good morning!

The sleeping moon is a Cosmic Blob! It started as an experiment playing with a blob circle and using the freehand line tool. This tool can be grabbed and pulled into the blob to create new shapes.

While rotating my blob, it looks different from any other view, but in this view, it just looked like a sleeping moon, so I added an eye sticker to it.

The bottom portion of my blob was a little jagged and undefined, so I made a tongue to add to the moon's mouth.

I then pulled my creation into psp and finished it up. My experiment turned into a final creation. That is always the best part!

The fun fest went great yesterday. While it was still a little warm in the 80's, there was a very nice breeze all day.

While food and the craft tent cost money, everything else was free. Our fire station had their firetruck out, and gave kids a ride on the extending ladder. Lots of inflatable balloon-type slides, which my granddaughter was very fond of. She did many of those. They also had several rides, but she wasn't interested in those.

Many booths had games, and the prizes were stuffed animals. My daughter steered Taylor away from those, as a little girl CAN HAVE TOO MANY stuffed animals!!

We went through a tent that gave out info, and as always, lots of free things: frizbies, cups, water bottles, pens, pencils, pads of different shaped paper, a zippered change purse, and coloring books. Just lots of fun things.

I introduced my husband to many of my co-workers as he got there before most had left for the big celebration. My daughter and granddaughter arrived later, so only got to meet a few of those I work with.

It was a beautiful day.

Have a great Friday as we all slide into this weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow!

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