Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mysteries of the Deep Graphics

Ahhh -- and a Good SATURDAY MORNING it is!

Well, you can see I've been playing with my Cosmic Blobs this morning. Oh my! What fun!

These two fish were made from scratch with some "stickers" in the program.

Yesterday, I said that it was from the Learning Center, but it is actually from the Learning Company. Quite a "nifty" program.

It reminds me of poser. But only in the way that once you buy the original package, you must buy more packages to get additional characters, stickers, music, etc. You can actually make an avi or movie with this. I have NOT been successful with this yet.

The nice thing with the program is, I can create new characters of my own and actually finish up the creation process in psp, which is what I did here.

This program is for kids; but then again, I am still a kid (at least, inside).
You will see many new creations here. And, I've promised myself that I will buy at least 2 new packages a month -- to expand on the original.

Well -- I've got to be off! Too much playing left in me to just sit here and write today.

Take care ... and I'll see you tomorrow!

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