Thursday, January 21, 2010

A card: Happy, Happy -- Joy, Joy card

Good morning,

Well, I did get my website pages up yesterday. They must have been working on the site.

Today's posting also went well.

Today, a card! This is called HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY. The back of the card is just left white, unless you care to design it yourself.

On my website, you can pick up the individual items. The frog is separate as well as his shadow. You cut out the card base, glue on the shadow, and then the frog.

On the inside, the left is left as is. Again, on the right inside, is the card base, an orange base with an edging of black around it, the deeper yellow base with black edging, and the JOY JOY sticker. Cut those out separately, glue on the orange base, then the deep yellow base, and then the JOY JOY sticker to finish your card off.

Add your own greeting, and you're done.

Cute card, I think.

Have a wonderful day. (I just heard thunder as I'm posting this ... so perhaps we're having rain today.)

As for me, at work, I will be in a customer service class all morning. It is mandatory training, so I'm getting it over with today! (Actually, I've heard it's a pretty good class.)


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