Monday, January 11, 2010

Mon. 1/11/2010: Frame and Little Cartoon Lady-Free Graphics

Good morning!

My post this morning is a frame that is on my website today.

I made this little cartoon lady, and placed her in it.

I put no saying with it, as this is a blank for you to use, if you wish to snag it.

Yesterday, my granddaughter came to spend a few hours with me. We had a wonderful time.

She loves to play the Wii, so that's what we did with some of our time yesterday. We played one game of bowling, and I beat her by one point. Believe me ... this NEVER happens.

We then played a game a golf where she slaughtered me. And 2 games of tennis. She beat me on both of these!

Tennis is much more strenuous for my right arm which I injured back in June 2008. It was an injury from work, so it was a federal workman's comp claim, which almost no one knows how to process. Therefore, the tears in my right shoulder joint were never fixed.

While my arm is usable, I am very limited in what I can do. We bought the Wii for Christmas in 2008, after playing it at my granddaughter's house, because I thought it would help strengthen my arm. In the beginning, I thought it was helping, but eventually realized it wasn't because my pain increased.

Therefore, I had not really played it until last weekend. I over did it with the tennis yesterday, but we had so much fun. But, I can feel the nerve pain back in the lower portion (from the elbow down into my right hand) again. Ugh! Not bad ... but it's there anyway.

Since I played about 2 hours last weekend (but played no tennis), and then this weekend (and did play tennis), I think it was a bit much. I need to forgo the tennis ... even though I like it a lot.

Life. Isn't it fun!

I hope you enjoy the free graphics today. My website has 2 days of postings, so grab them while they're up.

Have a great day.


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