Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday morning FREE GRAPHICS

Good Sunday morning,

I used this little guy I created yesterday, and featured him, again. I made a little stool for him to sit on, and came up with this creation.

I had a squiggly worm ... from my past, and then had to come up with a comment to post on it.

The guy likes the worms "coils" ... they are so CURLY.

Just a little fun for me today.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and bought two items for my Wii. My granddaughter had been wanting JUST DANCE ... and I found it. I just love it!

I also bought FUN FIT, the workout program which comes with the camera. Very nice. I also like it. I did a mini workout yesterday, and spent a lot more time dancing with the JUST DANCE. What a blast!

I hope they continue to make more JUST DANCE-type Wii games.

I also cracked out my Wii Sims Kingdom. I got that at Big Lots for $10 last weekend when I was looking for JUST DANCE, which I couldn't find then. My granddaughter did not care for Sims Kingdom, but I like it a lot. I spent about 2 hours yesterday playing that.

I am still fairly new to the external-type game world: x-box (even though my husband has one and has bought games I can play). I have Wii Sports, and I love the bowling, the golfing, and the tennis.

My arm did very well yesterday, although during my workout, I babied my right arm. The video kept saying, "Watch that arm." I thought, "Gee. I'm trying to baby this arm so I can continue to workout." I hope that doesn't lower my score.

My score continues to improve in JUST DANCE. In Sims Kingdom, sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what I'm doing ... just trying to get to that next gift! Sheesh!

Have a really great Sunday. I know I will.

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