Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday 1/10/2010-Template for A Card or Scrapbooking Card

Good morning,

This template was one I made for my nephew's birthday. The finished card is different from this as I added birthday items and sayings to it to send.

This template is blank, so you can use it, if you wish.

My husband gave me a scrapbooking maker. I placed this template into the program, so I can add my own templates, and graphics to it.

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing with it. I made 3 wedding pages from my daughter's wedding in it to send to my sister in St. Louis. She came for the wedding, and I thought she might like the pages.

Then I made a page for my nephew's birthday, and also my nieces.
It was 2 days of fun. Thank you, dh! I love it!

Hope you can snag this one and use it.

Have a great day!

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