Friday, January 8, 2010

Graphics Galore - two days free graphics today

Good morning,

Two days worth of graphics today in one post.

This little Cowboy Square goes to a frame featured on my website today. You can pick everything there up -- today only.

I do lots of little girl things, but don't often do little boys. I had 2 boys and a girl when I had children, but today, I have mostly granddaughters. Therefore, I do mostly little girl items.

This little item was my post for Thursday; yesterday. He is also on my website today as well as the border.

Again, this one is my fantasy side coming out. I love creating little people you don't see everywhere.

Altogether, there are 24 items to pick up today; not just 6. I promise 3 new graphics each day, as long as I am able, but I often put up more, so you really get a good deal here. Especially since they are all free. Free to use however you wish. Don't claim them as yours; I created them. But put them in any creation ... and the creation is yours.

We had lots of snow yesterday. A 30-minute trip took me just a little over an hour and a half. I hate those kind of trips. I was able to get up to 45 mph on the freeway, but only when no one was around me. Most people went about 40 mph, and traveled in packs. I like to stay away from the packs.

I don't know if we're going in yet today. I wish they'd just let us work from home, as I do have my laptop.

Hope you are having a great morning, so far.

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Keep it safe today.

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