Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good morning!

Another wonderful day to create new items. I had lots of fun this morning!

This is a little summary of some of the items I did today. All of these items are available -- free to use -- today, at my website. Tomorrow; they're gone.

Feel free to pick them up today and use them in your creations.

There's 5 papers, and lots of little fantasy-type graphics -- again, my favorite type of art.

Many of the individual items, I've done into borders.

Well, it's the weekend and a time to relax and let go of all the weeks worries. That's what my artwork does for me.

The bad winter storm with lots of snow (about 5" inches altogether) from Thursday is over. All that is left promises to be a frigid weekend, but we are expecting some sunshine later in the day today, and more of that tomorrow. The winds are supposed to be a little more this weekend making our cold temperatures feel even colder. But -- that's winter, I guess.

There was a very bad crash during the storm on Thursday. A semi lost control, crossed the median on the freeway, slamming head on into a bus carrying a small load of passengers. The driver was a friend of a friend. She was killed.

My heart goes out to her family. My own dad died in a semi truck crash with 2 other passengers. I remember the shock of his sudden death, and how much it affected me for so many years. Even today, I hate being around a semi on the freeway. It is one time I will speed up ... just to get past it.

Time does heal all wounds ... but right now, the grief is fresh! My prayers go out to all of you that were affected by such a big loss. Two teenage children without their mom, and it's going to be hard ... for a long time. God bless you during this time.

A total of 4 died in that crash. According to the news, they are still investigating.

My friend's husband is a truck driver, and as a matter of fact, SHE used to drive a truck. She said that 4 other trucks pulled off the road to rest for the night after seeing the destruction from the accident. They decided nothing was worth the risk for now. It was time to sit and ponder.

For the most part, drivers were courteous during the storm.

But ... there are always those self-absorbed individuals whose foolishness leads them by the head. There were those on the road, too.

To those, I only say this. An accident happens in the flash of a second. If you can only think of yourself during these times, and getting to where you have to go, without respect for the others that are less assured of their journey; then think of one of your loved ones ... losing their lives to someone whose thinking is mirroring yours. Let this thought slow you down!

It is only for a short time. These storms pass. But the loss of lives, and the foolishness of whoever causes it, whether it was your fault or NOT, will haunt you for a lifetime. And there will too many to think about, living with your act of foolishness. Their lives ... will never be the same again.

Have a blessed day, everybody.

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